Dear Members of the community, Please join us on a zoom session to know more about the concept with no obligations whatsoever every Tuesday and Sundays at 7.00pm Cairns time, Zoom ID: 2130458477, Pwd: md2022

About Us

Our Mission

We want you to have options to have healthy meals.




We believe this option creates more opportunities for those who stay at home like single parents, older generations and migrants who have problems communicating in English but know how to cook.


Food options


We believe by providing options to have access to healthy food, and our community is better off in the long term. Home cooking could create a better culture among the ethnic group, and together we could change for better eating and a healthier lifestyle.


Tech Equity


We want to contribute to more diverse and inclusive tech culture. Our platform serves everyone from immigrants to mothers and retirees – not all of whom have computers or are comfortable with smartphone apps. We try to not only lead through example but also to acknowledge and mitigate our displacing effect through the support of initiatives and organizations that are building a more inclusive tech ecosystem.

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