Dear Members of the community, Please join us on a zoom session to know more about the concept with no obligations whatsoever every Tuesday and Sundays at 7.00pm Cairns time, Zoom ID: 2130458477, Pwd: md2022


Questions and Answers:

Our System

How does this system work?

You simply register as a cook or buyer; from there, you order, pay, and pick up the food or deliver it.

How do Cooks register?

Cook will register via our website by registering basic details and step-by-step guidelines on how to be online for buyers to see.

How long would it take to be registered fully online for business?

It is up to you how fast you can organize your business. It is essential to follow our advice. We will be working with you so you can be online as quickly as possible.

Is there any limitation on how we can sell our dishes online?

Yes, there are limitations to what you can or cannot do. We will explain all these to you in our face-to-face meeting.

Thank you

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